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group encounters

One-On-One Mentoring

{One Apprentice One Journeyman One Challenge to Learn From}

At Steadfast, we welcome anyone aged 9 and up to apply for an apprenticeship at the farm. Apprentices will be matched with a Journeyman/Mentor for one-on-one 90 minute sessions. Apprentices, with their Journeyman will work with horses, farm pets, and on general farm tasks to meet the challenges that each may bring. Each experience is designed to build skills that can be applied to many aspects of life beyond the Farm. Most importantly, we invite all who come here to join us as part of the Steadfast Family. We endeavor to build each other up in a way that is empowering and always pointing to the joy and peace of belonging in Christ.

Speaking Ministry

{A story that must be told}

We are all part of an evolving story in which we experience mountaintop joys but also the darkness of valley lows. The constant through all of this is the Steadfast faithfulness of our great God who uses all experiences to draw us closer to himself. Steadfast Family Farm came into existence out of a strong sense of God’s leading. The journey has been incredible, with terrific difficulties as well as unexpected triumphs.  We love to share our story which we trust will serve above all as a message of the great abundance with which we are loved by our Father so that we can experience his joy, peace, and empowerment from belonging in Him. If you wish to request a Steadfast staff member to share a message with your group, please click below and provide all pertinant information.

Group Encounters

{Farm experiences as a metaphor for learning}

We consider Steadfast a Family: a circle of strength; founded on faith, joined in love, and kept by God. It is an honor to partner with other helping agencies, combining our strengths, and offering Farm Encounters that build on the goals and objectives specific to each agency group. To request a Group Encounter please click below and provide all pertinent information.  

Special Events

{Good things from unexpected places}

Good things can come from unexpected places. This is how “Special Events” come to be at Steadfast.  We welcome the opportunity to serve in unique capacities.  Feel free to make a request below. Your request will be assessed using the measure of whether bringing this idea to reality will bring Peace, Joy, Empowerment, and a sense of Belonging to all involved. We look forward to working with you.  Please click below to make your request.

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