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Single Payment Option

Spring - Mar 1  $200

Summer - Jun 1 $200

Fall - September 1 $200

Steadfast Academy’s

PLS Equestrian Program


A Comprehensive Horsemanship Program

Emphasizing Partnership, Leadership, and Stewardship Building and Life Skill Applications


2 Timothy 1:7 "...God gave us a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline"


A powerful horse is healthy, skilled, brave, and courageous.

A loving horse is relational, communicative, willing, and kind.

A self-disciplined horse is well mannered, steady, and dependable.

We should be these things too.



About: Steadfast Academy is a branch of Steadfast Family Farm in Eastanollee, GA. The Academy offers Comprehensive Equestrianship, which includes instructions in horse care, philosophies of training, groundwork, riding, and most importantly life lessons such as integrity, responsibility, servant hood, self-discipline, leadership, and dedication. Steadfast Academy is geared toward students ages 9+ who are able to work well in a small group setting and that passionately seek the myriad of gifts that come with loving and being loved by a horse.


Philosophy: Steadfast Academy practices Natural Horsemanship which can be thought of as a kinder, gentler methodology that seeks to establish rapport with horses. Techniques are derived from observation of the natural behavior of free-roaming horses and reject the use of unnecessary force. Along with it’s parent organization, Steadfast Family Farm, Steadfast Academy endeavors to exemplify and protect the ideals of Joy, Peace, Empowerment, and Belonging.


Format: The Academy operates in trimesters with 6 bi-weekly 90 minute lessons offered over a 12-week period of time. Our highly qualified instructors offer semi-private lessons that attend to individual needs of the students while offering opportunity to grow in all aspects of equestrianship. Lessons will take place on your appointed day every second and fourth week of the month.


Tuition: There are two options for each trimester’s tuition payment. Two installments of $105 can be made at designated due dates with a total payment of $210/trimester (6 lessons). Or, full payment can be made at the beginning of trimester which offers a discount. Total tuition paid prior to the trimester is $200. Please pay by check to Steadfast Family Farm.



Tuition Due Dates


Two Installment Option

Spring  1 - Mar 1 $105

Spring 2 - Apr 15 $105

Summer 1 - Jun 1 $105

Summer 2 - Jul 15 $105

Fall 1 - Sep 1 $105

Fall 2 - Oct 15 $105

Pro-rated payments will be offered for students who begin instruction mid-trimester.


Scheduling: If inclement weather or instructor illness necessitates cancellation of a lesson, every effort will be made to reschedule on the same day the following week. Additionally, one make-up lesson will be offered at the end of each trimester to accommodate for student initiated cancellations due to illness or scheduling conflicts.


Safety: Every effort is made to ensure student success and safety. These include requiring proper preparation before attempting new skills, wearing closed in shoes and long pants at all times and a helmet when riding, and wearing proper riding boots is preferred at all times.

If you are interested, please contact Deana Bethea at 706-599-7950

Steadfast Academy PLS Equestrianship


Kate Kozak

  • 10 years of horse experience

  • Apprenticed under a Natural Progressive riding & training instructor for 5 years

  • Gentled & trained two wild mustangs

  • Competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover Competition and placed 7th overall

  • Instructed lessons for 3 years

Taylor Keene

  • MEd in Equestrian Education

  • Over 20 years of horse experiences

  • 5 years competing in AQHA horse shows

  • Natural Progressive Horsemanship Apprentice ​

  • Horsemanship & Riding Instructor for over three years

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