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What we do

What We Do

At Steadfast, we offer a variety of experiences for people of all ages with the purpose of sharing our message of Peace, Empowerment, Joy and Belonging. To experience Steadfast life with us, click the link below to learn more about the services we provide. 

Who We Are

Who We Are

Steadfast Family Farm
Steadfast Family Farm

Our Story

"It started with a rush of joy in a young girl that always came at the touch, the sight, or even the smell of a horse. It began when the heart of an angry young man who found peace with the labor of his hands in green pastures..."

The Critters

Our Four-legged Family

The animals of Steadfast Family Farm are the heart of our ministry. Their stories connect with ours in a way that brings about true reflection and relationships. 

Steadfast journeymen
The Journeymen

Our Two-legged Family

A Journeyman is a someone who has chosen to volunteer his or her time to step alongside an Apprentice and disciple them. Together, we are the Steadfast Family, exactly where and when we are meant to be.

The Happenings
Get Connected

The Happenings

Here at Steadfast, much has happened! Much is happening now, and we trust that there is much to come. We’re reminded that this is a reflection of God’s love for us. He has loved us well. His love is present in our lives today, and He we will continue to be with us in every step of our journey. 


Click the images below to be redirected to our Instagram page, which displays our current events and blessings, or click to read our full Newsletter which contains more in-depth stories about the happenings here at Steadfast Family Farm.


Become an Apprentice

Individual mentoring, our primary focus, is available to approved applicants. We welcome anyone of the age of 9 an up to apply. Sessions are offered Tuesdays and Fridays 4-5:30/6-7:30 and Saturdays at 9-10:30/11-12:30

Volunteer your 


The Steadfast Family is a healthy mix of all sorts of talents and personalities, and we want you to join us! If you do not want to volunteer as a  mentor, but have other skills that you would like to share, please contact us!

Schedule a Speaker

We love to share our story which we trust will serve above all as a message of the great abundance with which we are loved by our Father. If you would like to have a Steadfast representative at your next event, click below!

Donate Financially

Everything we have at Steadfast is a gift from God, which is why in response we give sessions as a free gift. However, providing proper care for our animals and land is a considerable expense. If you feel led to support us financially, please follow the link below.

If you sense God’s prompting to step forward, then by all means, step forward BOLDLY. Perhaps you would like to volunteer during our Journeyman/Apprentice Sessions, perhaps you have skills or resources to help build this ministry. Whatever your giftings; we trust that they are multiplied when shared.

Contact Us

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Find Us

Hours of Operation:

Sessions and visits are scheduled individually

We can be contacted by phone or email at any time. Missed calls and emails will be responded to as soon as possible. Please leave your full name, number, and what you are contacting us about. The more details the better!


Mobile: 706.599.7950


We are located at 556 N Broad River Road, Eastanollee, GA 30538

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